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George Borowski Rocks…

Well, every event we hold as The Circle is memorable. Fact.

We can honestly say that we’ve had some stunning guests, and many have left us speechless and in awe of their amazing talent.

However, sometimes it isn’t just the talent that wins us over. Sometimes its the sheer strength of personality, kindness, and, well, awesomeness!

We know George Borowski, and we’ve seen him perform a number of times but what he did at the Circle was out the park! He brought with him, his gorgeous daughter, every bit a chip off the old block. He also brought the lovely Karen, his wife and inspiration.

The first half of the evening had the residents, Ian, Stuart and Gerry do their bit – more of a support act to the main event but each one of them upped their game and chose songs that had the audience spellbound. One of Ian’s newest songs, He’s Gone, (on Beneath the Blue) had George in tears and we’re hoping that it’ll be recorded by at least two of our talented audience!

Beneath The Blue album cover
Beneath The Blue

Following their set, we then introduced to the stage a young lad (only 18) Sam Tomlins whom we’d heard at the Towler. This boy should go far and if he doesn’t make it then there is no justice in the world. His songs were great, his voice amazing and he’s a likeable guy as well.

Sam Tomlins

In the second half George gave us a set of his most well known songs including Blue Guitars of Texas and others that were new to most of us. During the the whole time on stage he kept all of us mesmerised by his presence and we were all drawn into his world. All was well, and the only place to be at that time was there, at The Circle, sharing some very special moments. Towards the end of his set he brought his lovely and exceptionally gifted daughter, Vienna. She sang along with him, almost tentatively in the beginning but by the end, we discovered what an amazing voice she had. She’s recorded an EP and as soon as its out, we want one. The two of them were fabulous together with George very happy to just step back and allow Vienna to take her moment.


There will be a more full review by Ian, but suffice to say that we have never seen a bigger crowd at the Circle, never seen so many engaged with a guest and never seen so many broad smiles across every face. And, as mentioned before – we’ve had some crackers!

Who’s coming up next? Stone Roses or Garron Frith?

Whilst thousands sit or stand side by side and have to rely on mega amplification to see a few spots on the stage at The Etihad when The Stone Roses make their appearance, our audience will be seated comfortably.


Circle favourite, Garron Frith, will be within feet of us, unplugged and we’ll hear every word! Make the right choice, come and join us!

IMG_4747 (1)

Next time, on the 29th June, we have a a very special guest coming  for his Circle debut. John Doyle is a regular at The Hark to Towler and other local venues however it will be a very rare, unplugged and acoustic John that we’ll see this time.

We spotted him recently doing an acoustic set and were blown away by the strength of his songs so we’re looking forward to having him perform for you. Again, leave the telly, and come out and have a great night with Bury Songwriters’ Circle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.29.00

So pleased to welcome the amazing Henry Priestman…

Bury Songwriters’ Circle welcomes the brilliant Henry Priestman (formerly songwriter of The Christians) to Walshaw Sports Club on 4th May.

Rumour has it that he’ll be bringing his sidekick ‘Loved Up’ Les Glover so as if our lads aren’t enough there will be a bonus songwriter this week.

A few links to his impressive life work is here and here is a link to his own website.

Meantime here’s a sneak preview.



Rogues Gallery! – The story so far

Newbie David Steven on his Circle Debut
IMG_5763 (1)
Ian, Gerry, Joe Solo and Stuart
IMG_5752 (1)
New Patron Andy Kershaw with Ian Reynolds-Young
Gerry, Robert Lane, Ian, Garron Frith, Stuart.
Gerry, Robert Lance, Garron Frith and Stuart
Ian, Stuart and Gerry alias Great! SCOT (Songwriters’ Circle on Tour) at their first gig at The Towler.
The lovely and highly talented Edwina Hayes during her solo set
Gerry, Edwina Hayes, Ian and Stuart.
Stuart, Ian, (Inspiral Carpets) Tom Hingley and Gerry
Gerry, George Borowski and Stuart
Ian, Stuart, Tom Hingley and Gerry.
Gerry, Rachel Dawick, The Quiet Loner (Matt Hill) and Desi Friel
Rachel Dawick, Ian, Gerry, Matt Hill, and Desi Friel
The Christmas Do! Toni Baker, Ian, Stanley Accrington, Desi Friel anda Paul Cunningham
Stuart, Ian, Kirk McElhinney, Gerry
Paul McClure, Gerry, Stuart, Andrew Huxley, Ian.
Stanley Accrington
Ian, Tokyo Rosenthal, Gerry and Stuart.
Stuart, Paul Reaney, Gerry and Ian
IMG_5112 (1)
Gerry, Ian, Bill Adair, Phil Middleton
Toni Baker, Stuart, Gerry and Ian.

Sally Barker is coming to the Circle

We’ve had some amazing songwriter guests performing their own material over the last year and as soon as time allows you’ll be seeing images and pictures of our amazingly grown up evening out with stunning talent.

It is a bit of a coup though that we have Sally Barker joining us on 20th April. She is in the North West for a mini tour and she’s kicking it off with the Circle. You can see her ‘up close and personal’ in the intimate environment of The Circle at Walshaw Sports Club, Sycamore Road, Tottington. BL8 3EG. Doors open at 7.45 with a prompt start at 8.30.

As we expect this to be over subscribed we strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance. There will however be tickets available on the door.

These tickets have had to be set slightly higher than normal due to the costs of bringing Sally here but we’re confident it will be well worthwhile!

The format is likely to be the same as usual, with Sally singing  her own songs in the round with Ian, Gerry and Stuart followed in the second half with a special solo set – unplugged (of course) and again all her own songs.

Ticket Information:

BSC Members: £8.00  (You can join on the night for an additional £5.00 and get a free compilation CD of the guests from the first year of the BSC)

Advance bookings: £8.00 (plus booking fees) through TicketSource

On The Door: £10.00

If this is your first time, have a wonderful time, join, and come back again regularly!


Latest News

Our latest news, is that we’re becoming newsworthy! In the last few weeks we’ve made it to the Bury Times on two separate occasions and we fully expect more to come.

First of all we announced on our Facebook pages that the legendary DJ and broadcaster Andy Kershaw has recently become our first patron. Its fantastic that we have such support from such a music aficionado. This is covered in The Bury Times here.


Second, we’re delighted to welcome the lovely and amazingly talented Sally Barker on 20th April,  and this too has been picked up by the papers.

You can read it here.

Image manipulation, and use without permission are illegal.
Image manipulation, and use without permission are illegal.